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The Duc Giang Chemicals Volleyball Club – Hanoi was founded when the Volleyball Clubs were lack of financial support from major corporate sponsorships, which made it difficult to grow and become a national sport. The excutive team of Duc Giang Chemicals Group has decided to invest in key and comprehensive facilities as well as to seek new talents for the nation team. During the national tournament, the performance of the women volleyball team from Duc Giang Hanoi Chemicals was very good although the team had to compete against well-known teams in the Volleyball community such as: Hai Duong, Tien Nong, etc. The Hanoi Duc Giang used to be the volleyball team of Hanoi Sports’ department. After joining DGC for 3 months, it has officially been considered as a strong team. This is a remarkable improvement from Duc Giang Chemicals. The Duc Giang Chemicals Group officially introduced the volleyball team on 7th September, which marked the first milestone on the pathway of the success of Hanoi youth team. The excutive team expects to make the volleyball team join the Top 4 of Vietnam as well as the area.

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