DAP fertilizer (diamophos) is a mixed inorganic fertilizer and has a relatively high price compared to other inorganic fertilizers.Mixed fertilizers are fertilizers created by mixing 2 or more single fertilizers together mechanically and regularly. Synthetic fertilizers as well as mixed fertilizers have NPK ratios in different combinations selected to suit each soil type and each […]


This is the first time chemical NPK is produced in Vietnam. With modern technology; Chemical method is by far different from the old methods of blending, chemical NPK is produced by a chemical reaction to produce NPK particles in which every component is distributed evenly. Crops are provided adequate levels of essential nutrients; chemical NPK […]


With a capacity of up to 60,000 tons/year, MAP is produced for the first time in Vietnam with modern spray tower technology to create many types of products. In particular, we also produce completely soluble MAP. The product is suitable for producing high quality NPK fertilizer or liquid fertilizer. If you have any enquiries, Please […]

DSP Fertilizer

For the first time in Vietnam, DSP is manufactured from a mixture of sulfuric acid and wet phosphoric acid (≥ 48% P2O5) plus high quality phosphate rocks. Duc Giang DSP product has a range of effective P2O5 content from 20% to 40%, marked an important achievement in Duc Giang Chemical’s fertilizer production technology. By increasing […]


Single super phosphate The monoanalyte is produced from apatite I mixed with sulfuric acid produced from sulfur, a non-toxic acid containing toxins. Product monomer is a clean product, when it is not toxic to plants, does not affect human health. P205 the active ingredient of the product is easily soluble in water. In addition, in […]