Product Information As a long-standing Vietnamese brand of laundry detergent, Duc Giang laundry detergent with a pleasant perfume scent helps clean effectively, is safe for the skin and a perfume scent formula from France with the ability to long lasting scent. Duc Giang natural morning scent laundry detergent, 3.6 liter bag, large bag for long-term use […]

Vertical washing liquid

User manual: Machine wash uses 60ml of detergent for a normal wash (15-20 pieces of clothing). For stains that are difficult to wash, you should treat them before putting them in the washing machine by applying a little detergent directly to the stain and tea, then put them in the washing machine. Wash according to […]

I-care Hand sanitizer 500ml

I-care Hand sanitizer About the product: Today’s busy routine and fast pace lifestyle have made a significant impact on our daily hygienic habits. With most of our time spending on working outside, washing hands with soap and water has become quite difficult to many. Therefore, in those case, hand-sanitizer or dry hand wash gel is […]

Washing Powder

User manual: Handwash: Add 1-2 tablespoons of washing powder (depending on the amount of clothes). Soak the clothes in water with dissolved washing powder for about 30 minutes, then scrub gently. Rinse clean water 1-2 times after washing Note: For stubborn stains, treat as soon as possible Machine wash: l Use 2 tablespoons of Duc […]


SOFFY FRONT LOAD LIQUID DETERGENT ( 10KG ): Anti–foam formula prevents front-load washing machine from foaming Benefits: – High density liquid detergent with active ingredients penetrates and cleans deeply inside clothing fabric to quickly remove the toughest stains. – Pleasant fragrance, long lasting smell. – Suitable for washing machine and hand washing. Do not cause hand dryness […]


Benefits: – WILL floor cleaner with superior formula removes the dirt and dust in every corner, keeping the floor squeaky clean and shiny. – Suitable for all types of surfaces such as: ceramic tiles, Granite stone, wood, etc. – Non-toxic, highly effective and economical. Disinfects floors and makes them safe. – Leaves a long-lasting fresh […]