Over 60 years of establishment and development, Duc Giang Chemical Group Joint Stock Company (DGC) has continuously strived to become one of the leading enterprises in the field of industrial chemicals in Vietnam. With our long history coupled with experienced management, modern technology of international stature, our company has met all the requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

Founded in 1963, Duc Giang Chemical Group has for many years been known to Vietnamese consumers with the brand of Duc Giang washing powder. Formerly Duc Giang Chemical Company, a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) under Vietnam Chemicals Agency. After being equitizied in 2003, our company has been at the forefront of Phosphate chemicals so far and is looking forward to producing phosphate compounds for use in pharmaceuticals.

Currently, Duc Giang Chemical Group currently has 9 member units spread across the provinces and cities of the country, including: Duc Giang Lao Cai Chemical Company Limited, Vietnam Phosphorus Apatite Joint Stock Company. , Duc Giang Apatit Company Limited, Duc Giang Chemical Sports One Member Company Limited, Duc Giang Nghi Son Chemical Company Limited, Duc Giang Chemical One Member Company Limited –  Dak Nong, Ắc Joint Stock Company Quy Tia Sang, Phosphorus 6 Joint Stock Company, Duc Giang – Dinh Vu Chemical Company Limited and 2 branches in Hung Yen and Binh Duong.

Phosphoric acid is the main input material for the production of Phosphate compounds. Based on its strengths along with a methodical investment in the research and development center at the company and thanks to the available raw materials, Duc Giang has successfully researched and produced a number of phosphate compounds. such as NPK, DAP, MAP, Rich Superphosphate. Duc Giang is confident to be a leading enterprise that can produce raw materials in the animal feed industry as well as in the agricultural industry that can compete in quality and price compared to domestically available goods and imported goods.

Success follows success, Duc Giang always thinks “Big goals, requiring great efforts” is what the entire leadership team and employees understand. With a solid foundation built on the way of development and determination to bring DGC to a new level, Duc Giang Chemical Corporation is determined to continue to leave imprints on the future journey, contributing to the success of the company. common development of the country.

We annouce that there is no human right violation in our group.


Company Name ( in Vietnamese ) : Công Ty Cổ Phần Tập Đoàn Hoá Chất Đức Giang

Company Name ( In English )        : Duc Giang Chemicals Group Joint Stock Company

Abbreviation Name                         : DGC

Location                                          : 18/44 Duc Giang Street, Thuong Thanh Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City.

Telephone                                       : (04) 8 271 620

Fax                                                  : (04) 8 271 068

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Business Registration Certificate    : 0103003850

Tax Code                                         : 0101452588

Bank Account                                 : 0011004077189 at JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Hanoi Transaction Office.

Charter Capital                               : VND


    • Production and trading of raw materials and chemical goods (except chemicals banned by the Goverment);
    • Producing and trading rubber, paint, plastic, fertilizer, iron, steel and non-ferrous metal products;
    • Manufacturing and trading of machinery, electrical equipment and their components, electrical materials, mechanical tools;
    • Producing and trading mineral fuels, mineral oil and products of their distillation; substances not yet crushed; mineral waxes;
    • Factory lease;
    • Freight transport by road;
    • Wholesale of food additives;
    • Exploiting, exploring and processing minerals;
    • Freight transport by road;