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– The fast degreasing formulation with aromatic lemon fragrance cuts through grease making dish washing fast and easy, even on plastic.
– Safe to use, it is mild and gentle and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
– Save your family budget.

Directions for use:
– Pour directly onto wet sponge or in a bowl of water.
– Dip sponge in the solution then squeeze to lather. Use for washing dishes and utensils.
– Rinse thoroughly with water.

– Do not drink. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. In case off eyes contact, rinse eyes with clean water.several times. If accidentally ingested, drink plenty of milk and seek medical advice immediately.
– Store in cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

Quanlity: 4,2 KG.

Please Contact0221 3900 662 – 024 3827 1620.

NRC huogn chanh duc giang

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