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Duc Giang Detergent Powder ( 4.5KG ) is manufactured on the most advanced technology line in the Southest Asia, following industry 4.0. with imported high quality raw materials. Our strategic objective is to meet the needs of our ultimate consumers both domestic and abroad.
– Suitable for many water sources including alum- infected  water or saline water.
– It penetrates into the fabric to effectively remove the toughest stains. It has a great fragrance that leaves your fabrics with a great scent.
– Suitable for both washing machine and hand washing. Harmless to hand skin and materials to be cleaned. Remove up to 99% of bacteria.
– Saving money for your family.Directions for use:
Hand-washing: Put 1-2 scoops of detergent in your bucket (for 15-20 unit of clothing). Soak the clothing for 20-30 minutes before washing as normal. Then rub gently and rinse 1-2 times with clean water. For the toughest stains, wash as soon as possible.
Machine washing: Put 2 scoops of Duc Giang washing powder, can be added more depending on the amount of clothes. Wash light and dark clothes separately to avoid bleeding color from one item to another. For dirty clothes, you should choose soaking mode.Note:
– Wash and dry your hands immediately after use.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Keep in a cool, dry place.

Please Contact: 0221 3900 662 – 024 3827 1620.

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