To valued Shareholders of Duc Giang Chemicals Group Joint Stock Company…

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Today, 28th July, 2021, marks one year DGC was listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Over the last year, our stock value has grown from VND 32,000 to more than VND 90,000; and stock liquidity rocketed from 160,000 shares per day to approximately 960,000 shares which is 6 times higher. As the Chairman of the Board of Management, I was not surprised about these results due to the fact that domestic and foreign investors have eventually recognized DGC stock’s unlimited potential. I always call Duc Giang Chemicals JSC as a company of innovation: innovation that has made us the first to ever produce new chemicals in Vietnam and innovation that manufactures new high-quality fertilizers. With restless efforts of 2,300 employees, our sales and profit still gained an increase of 30%, despite of the mega-catastrophe COVID pandemic that is dragging so many other economic sectors down. Last year, we also carried out the inauguration ceremony of Mine No.25, initially providing 200,000 tons of rock phosphate ore at a competitive price for Duc Giang Lao Cai Chemicals Limited Company’s production. In August 2021, the second production line of Thermal Process Phosphoric Acid factory will be put into operation, which promises to shoot up productivity and profit in the immediate future. The delay of the construction of the Duc Giang – Nghi Son Chemical Complex and our real-estate project due to the complicated legal procedures, is the only hindrance that concerns me. Nonetheless, I believe that within the next year, those obstructions will be removed.
With all the advantages mentioned above, this year, our company’s revenue expects a soar of 8,500 billion VND as well as profit after tax basis can reach 1,500 billion VND. This is probably something that the Board could not imagine at the 2021 annual general meeting.
Dear valued Shareholders,
“No legacy is so rich as honesty”. Adhering to that principle, 7 years since the day DGC was listed on the stock exchange, we have hidden nothing to our investors and will never do. Price manipulation is off-limits to our corporate culture. DGC is confident to put sustainable development at heart when it comes to business.
Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to valued shareholders who have supported us since the early days when everything was still in the process of documentation. I also owe DGC’s investors a great debt of gratitude for choosing us, and for making our stock price closer to our company’s intrinsic value.
We wish you nothing but health and safety amidst this pandemic to accompany Duc Giang Chemicals Group Joint Stock Company to open doors of new opportunity.

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