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SOFFY Liquid Detergent ( 10KG ) with the ability to dissolve quickly in either cold or hot water. It penetrates into each fabric to help remove stains quickly and leave no residue on clothes after washing.

– High density liquid detergent with active ingredients penetrates and cleans deeply inside clothing fabric to quickly remove the toughest stains.
– Pleasant and luxurious fragrance, long lasting smell.
– Suitable for both washing machine and hand washing. Do not cause hand dryness and skin irritation.
– Save money for your family.

Directions for use:
Machine washing: Use 40ml-60ml of liquid detergent directly to the drum of your washer for a normal washing  – Adjust the amount of liquid detergent in accordance with the amount of clothes and dirt.
Hand washing: Mix 35-40ml of liquid detergent to wash about 20 unit of clothing, use a small amount of liquid detergent to remove stubborn stains.

– Keep out of reach of children.
– In case of eyes contact, rinse eyes with clean water several times.
– Wash and dry your hands after washing by hands.
– Store the product in a cool and safe place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Please contact: 0221 3900 662 – 024 3827 1620.

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