DUC GIANG LAO CAI Chemicals One Member Company Limited (DLC)

1. Summary of the formation and development of the Corporation Chemicals Duc Giang – Lao Cai

1.1 History and development

DUC GIANG LAO CAI Chemicals One Member Company Limited was founded April 15, 2009 with a charter capital of 100 billion dong.

05 On 13 May 2011 Chemical Corporation Duc Giang – Lao Cai officially increased its capital from 100 billion dong to 150 billion dong in the form of issuing additional shares to existing shareholders and issuance stock option program for employees in the company.

As a business with experience in the industry, chemical products, especially the original phosphate compounds, with a team of staff qualified, well-trained regular, intensive quality capacity and experienced, enthusiastic creative team of skilled craftsmen, Chemical Corporation Duc Giang – Lao Cai confirmed dominant brand in the market and Vietnam.

1.2 About the Company

– Company name: CHEMICAL CORPORATION Dejiang – LAO CAI


– Abbreviation: DGC

– Capital: 250 billion VND

– Headquarters: Industrial District and Tang Loong – Bao Thang – Lao Cai

– Phone: 84-0203 774 556

– Fax: 84-0203 867 214

– Email: photpho4@vnn.vn

– Tax code: 5300299830

– Bank account: 002 300671 001 – Ng © n hμng HSBC – Chi Nei nhnh Hμ

– The company’s logo:

1.3 Business of the Company:

• Manufacture and sale of raw materials and chemical products;

• Manufacture and sale of rubber products, paints, plastics, fertilizers, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals;

• Manufacture and sale of machinery, electrical equipment and their components, electrical materials, mechanical appliances;

• Manufacture and sale of mineral commodities prepari natural, mineral oils and products of their distillation; no bituminous substances; mineral waxes;

• Lease of premises and warehouses;

• Active support services, mining and other ores;

• Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals;

• Mining of iron ore; Mining of metal ores other non-ferrous.

1.4 The traditional products of the company:

JSC Chemical Dejiang – Lao Cai specializes in manufacturing and trading of chemical products, especially phosphorus and phosphate-based compounds … .., including:

Yellow phosphorus (P4):

Used to produce red phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxytriclorua, photphopentoxit and phosphorus pentasunfua; Use of pesticides in the original production of organic phosphorus and some toxins. Yellow phosphorus is also widely used as raw materials in a number of industries.

Phosphoric acid (H3PO4)

Used to produce sodium tripolyphosphate materials and other phosphate salts; content in the food industry, microbiology, animal feed, …

Sodium tripolyphophat (Na5P3O10)

Used in industrial production of detergent, food industry and microbiology, …